Comprehensive Clinical Assessment

Comprehensive Clinical Assessment

Are you considering starting mental health counseling?  Have you considered speaking with someone about your current struggles and life stressors?

In order to begin mental health services, an Intake and Comprehensive Clinical Assessment need to be completed at the first appointment.  A Comprehensive Clinical Assessment is a document used to gather information about the client’s presenting problems and historical information which includes family history, trauma history and previous mental health treatment.

During this process, the licensed professional will begin to establish a rapport with the client, gain insight into their current situation and express empathy.  This process begins the therapeutic relationship that will continue throughout the client’s therapy journey.

Once a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment is completed, the Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor or Licensed Professional Counselor will review the documentation and provide a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan with the goals developed during the assessment.  This will jumpstart the next step which is starting therapy sessions.

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